1. swallowing vitamins w/ an energy drink is a good look

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  3. S - White House


  4. my neighbour had never heard of the BBC before and for some reason that makes me very troubled for the citizens of this town & humanity not to mention we have ABC and CBC here


  5. finally doin a clean install of Mavericks. Things were wack as hell for so long. Never update! always go in fresh


  6. the biggest issue in my life is staying motivated


  7. Im toooo over-sexualized, like my brain

    how 2 be undersexualized???


  8. my previous neighbour was so great.. I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. The only time I heard him was when he would turn on the shower early in the morning and I could hear him move the shower curtain. My new neighbour is so fucking loud, I can hear nearly everything he does, noodling around in the bathroom, slamming doors… potential animal abuse and/or neglect.. shitty tunes…  kids running around wild (on weekends).  This dude is really fucking with my vibe


  9. forensic files for dayz


  10. i woke up to a bee buzzing around my room this morning :/   How did u get inside and why are you not dead yet????