1. i woke up to a bee buzzing around my room this morning :/   How did u get inside and why are you not dead yet????


  2. people on my facebook sharing the Mike Tyson Toronto interview with a pro-Tyson stance???? He’s a convicted rapist… does that not mean anything to you


  3. flirting with tinder qt’s got me all anxious


  4. >Do you like progressive?


    >No really, do you like Progressive?

  5. more pix to come of my new Chris Hubbard sherly


  6. So I had to do a Rorschach test this weekend and I saw almost entirely the female figure but definitely failed the one that describes how you see authority figures/males.. big surprise there! I hope I’m not a psychopath. Oooh, I also failed the one that supposedly indicates wether you’re a homosexual or not lol


  7. Tony Soprano doesn’t die in the last scene and Hello Kitty isn’t a Cat… the world is crumbling around us!


  8. Barkley, Shut up and Jam


  9. Threnody for the victims of Hiroshima or bust

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